At AVC, we work with clients ranging from mid-size enterprises to small family-owned businesses. We specialize in business valuation and executive accounting services.

We partner with business leaders to track, grow, discover, monitor and optimize the value of their organization.

Business Valuation: we perform valuations of businesses in the context of transaction, SBA, 409A equity, tax compliance, estate and gift planning, family disputes, buy/sell agreements and various other corporate related matters. Whether you are buying or selling a business, forming a joint venture, bringing in new business partners, seeking financing, require litigation support, or needing gift and estate planning services, our professionals provide comprehensive and robust business valuation and analytics, tailored to your specific needs and requirements >>> Learn More

If you’re like most business owners, your business is your largest investment. But unlike an investment in publicly traded stocks, you can’t just look it up online and find out what that investment is worth. Many business owners believe the value of their business is net profit, or gross sales, multiplied by an industry rule of thumb. This is simply not the case. In fact, the application of an industry rule of thumb formula often results in a value determination that differs greatly from the actual value that could be determined by a CVA. How Can a Certified Valuation Analyst Help You? (PDF Document)

Financial Insights To Optimize the Value of Your Business. Our business appraisers have completed valuation work in every industry sector to support a variety of client needs:

Business Valuation and Bookkeeping Services in Tampa

Valuation Services

Tax Reporting/ Gift and Estate Tax Planning Purposes;

Financial Reporting/ Intangible Assets Valuations;

Transaction Support/ Selling a Business;

409A Valuations and ESOPs;

Litigation Consulting/ Expert Witness;

SBA/ Bank Financing Requirements.

Executive Accounting: we do your bookkeeping so you can get back to running your business. Our Executive Bookkeeping maintain records of your financial transactions and helps you make smart business decisions. “With bookkeeping, you can identify money-making opportunities, avoid cash-flow problems, and find ways to increase income or decrease spending.” Would you like to understand which areas of your business may be holding back your company’s growth? Even better, armed with that knowledge, would you like to know what it will take to grow your company to a size that will ultimately help you achieve your retirement goals? AVC can help. Schedule a one-hour complimentary discovery session >>> Learn More.

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Business Valuation and Bookkeeping Services in Tampa
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Business Valuation and Consulting Services in Tampa
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