About Araliya Valuation Consulting

Araliya Valuation Consulting (AVC) corporate office is located in Tampa, FL. We provide business valuation services for transaction, tax planning, sba financing and litigation purposes. We serve small and medium size businesses in the United States and Internationally. Our firm holds the prestigious designation CVA, within an elite organization - NACVA (National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts), dedicated to professional excellence and knowledge in the areas of business valuation and related disciplines.

At AVC, we focus on helping business leaders advance their strategic, financial and tax agendas through comprehensive and robust financial planning, modeling and analytics. Our wealth of experience and hands-on approach provide our clients with independent and sustainable opinions that are tailored to their organization's specific needs.

Why Choose Araliya Valuation Consulting?

As the Tampa Bay's leading valuation firm, we recognize that every business is unique. How much your business is worth depends on many factors. At AVC, client service is paramount and key to our success in building strong, long-term client relationships. We believe in "doing things right" as well as "doing the right thing." We are the leaders in our field and we focus exclusively on business valuation services. We work closely and collaboratively with you and your professional and legal advisors to share important engagement-related information, and to avoid costly and time-consuming surprises. Therefore, our client relationships start with thoughtful conversations, which provide framework for our engagement. As a client, you will be guided and informed throughout the process thereby eliminating guess-work related to the progress of your engagement. Our framework is centered on applying the appropriate valuation theory and methodologies and developing robust financial and valuation assumptions that are supportable and well-documented. Attention to detail is very important to us. We provide high-quality, well-supported valuation work. 

Our Mission is to help business leaders optimize the value of their organization.

Our Culture and Our Values are:

  • Integrity: this is an essential building block for all our relationships, we act with honesty and integrity with all our clients and contacts - truthfulness is the foundation and a starting point for any engagement;

  • Knowledge: technical skills, knowledge and competence are the necessary ingredients for any successful engagement - we dedicate time and resource to educate ourselves and our staff to be up-to-date with the industry, legal and government standards and procedures to provide a world-class analysis and report deliverables;

  • Respect: we are your trusted advisors; we treat all our clients in a professional manner, with utmost respect and consideration -these are our guiding principles of how we operate as an organization and individuals;

  • Go Above and Beyond: client experience is paramount to our success - we specialize and focus on business valuation services to bring our clients unparalleled experience that goes beyond the numbers;

  • S.M.A.R.T. Approach - our approach is S.M.A.R.T. - we focus of Specific valuation objectives, to achieve Measurable results by identifying Actionable, value-drivers and key performance indicators that are Relevant and Timely to allow our clients to reach the heart of their organizational needs and challenges in order to empower the company's growth, while optimizing value to achieve desirable outcomes and ultimate goals



Business Valuation Services Tampa

Nataliya Kalava MS, CVA

Nataliya Kalava serves as a President of Araliya Valuation Consulting in Tampa, FL.  Ms. Kalava has approximately ten years of experience performing valuation analyses for both individuals and corporate entities.  Ms. Kalava‚Äôs experience includes performing valuation for gift and estate tax planning purposes, financial reporting, transactional support and healthcare valuations for domestic and international entities.  

Prior to AVC, Nataliya worked at Equinix Inc., Humana Inc., BDO LLP, Sigma Valuation Consulting Inc. and PwC.

Professional Memberships:

  • National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts

  • Business Brokers of Florida (Affiliate Member)