At AVC, we work with clients ranging from mid-sized enterprises to small family-owned businesses. We specialize in the valuation of businesses, business interests, intangible assets in the context of transaction, ESOPs, estate and gift planning, shareholder or family disputes, buy/sell agreements and various other corporate related matters.

Whether you are buying or selling a business, forming a joint venture, bringing in new business partners, seeking financing, require litigation support, or needing gift and estate planning services, our professionals provide comprehensive and robust business valuation and analytics, tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We partner with business leaders to discover, monitor and optimize the value of their organization.

Our Services:

  • Valuation Strategic Advisory Services: maximize the value of your business and build a thriving organization;

  • Transaction & Exit Planning Support: whether you are buying, selling, acquiring or merging your business, we focus on optimizing, measuring and protecting your company's value;

  • Intangible Assets Valuation: we appraise brand names, trade names, patents, logo / trademark, customer relationships, non-compete agreements, technology, and more;

  • Litigation Support & Consulting: we provide credible, objective support to help you win your case;

  • Gift, Estate Tax Compliance and Planning Strategy: getting ready to transfer and transition your business? Unlock greater value, maximize savings by adapting to what's next;

  • SBA Business Valuations: whether you’re purchasing or restructuring your business, AVC’s independent and qualified valuation experts will help you determine the true value of your business.

DISCOVER Key Growth Opportunities in Your Business

Business Consulting Report Tampa, FL

As a business owner, do you ever feel like you’re constantly putting out fires? At AVC, we utilize an assessment tool that delivers fast, high-level insights into your company’s current financial, operational health and value. The assessment is called Discover – and that’s just what you’ll do – ‘discover’ the major hurdles within your business that may be holding back your company’s growth potential. Discover:

  • How your company rates in using best operational practices

  • Which areas of your company provide the greatest growth potential

  • Where there may be risk in your business today

  • How your risks and challenges compare to others in your industry

  • What your business could be worth if you fix these troubled areas

    Receive a complimentary Executive Report.

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